Using cultural and disciplinary difference as a driver

Ansuman Biswas



Image: Ansuman Biswas, AMan, A Cross; Experiment in Figurative Drawing


Ansuman Biswas was selected from a strong shortlist in association with the Athens Biennial. The artist was resident in an architect designed house (based on local monasteries) in Rovies, a village close to Greek Orthodox Christian churches and monasteries on the Island of Evvia in rural Greece. Ansuman used this space to meditate on the importance of the ‘substrate in his work’ – to examine what is left behind when the surface layers are removed. He stripped his practice back to its foundations, beyond the 'productions', the discourse, the pieces of work, to find a core dependence ‘on the very basic stuff of space and time’.

Ansuman’s renewed his creative methodology, independent of the vagaries of the 'art market' thereby deepening his connection with other 'sectors' than simply the art industry. A range of sketch poems, a photo diary and the development of a video triptych were key outcomes.


Image: Ansuman Biswas; Fountains - research into fountains as part of a performance piece involving ritual washing.

Funded by Arts Council England.


“Everyday spirituality does not neatly fit under the rubric of "Hindu" or "Muslim" or "Buddhist", etc. In my work I found that the little (sometimes illegal) temples and shrines and the spiritual activities that went on in private spaces such as homes were actually where interfaith activities and heterodox practices would take place”

Richard Baxton, Anthropologist working in Malaysia