Using cultural and disciplinary difference as a driver

Arin Rungjang


image:Arin Rungjang, Video Still


The artist Arin Rangjung, based in Bangkok, Thailand, was selected from nominations by Bangkok curator David Teh, advised by Dr May Adadol Ingawanij, Senior Research Fellow at University of Westminster. The artist was resident and worked in ACAVA artists’ studios in West London and engaged with the London Central Mosque near Regent’s Park.

Arin developed a proposal for a new piece of work, ‘The Rupture of Time’ which deals with ideas of time and space in a religious context. The starting point for the new work is the relative significance of physical space in a moment of time within a place of worship, in this case the Central London Mosque - the semiotic architecture of religion.


Image: Arin Rungjang


Funded by Arts Council England.


“Everyday spirituality does not neatly fit under the rubric of "Hindu" or "Muslim" or "Buddhist", etc. In my work I found that the little (sometimes illegal) temples and shrines and the spiritual activities that went on in private spaces such as homes were actually where interfaith activities and heterodox practices would take place”

Richard Baxton, Anthropologist working in Malaysia