Using cultural and disciplinary difference as a driver

Sharon Chin to Birmingham, UK


image: Sharon Chin, Getting to Know You


The artist Sharon Chin from Malaysia was selected through nominations made by curator and writer, Eva McGovern based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Sharon was based at Lombard Method artists’ studios in Birmngham. The curator-producer Sarah Allen, based at the Hippodrome, and Gavin Wade, Director of Eastside Projects acted as critical friends and advisors. The host place of worship was Birmingham Cathedral.

Sharon’s key achievement was to develop ideas for two new pieces of work, based on ideas of welcome and exchange of strangers in a cold climate in the setting of Birmingham Cathedral. The ideas evolved from her intimate visual examination of the city, as an unknown visitor, someone with fresh eyes.

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Image: Sharon Chin


Funded by Arts Council England.


“Everyday spirituality does not neatly fit under the rubric of "Hindu" or "Muslim" or "Buddhist", etc. In my work I found that the little (sometimes illegal) temples and shrines and the spiritual activities that went on in private spaces such as homes were actually where interfaith activities and heterodox practices would take place”

Richard Baxton, Anthropologist working in Malaysia